David Shield – Health Plan

Following are the benefits offered to IIMBA members only:

  • Full coverage of vaccinations (including jaundice) for students that were not vaccinated in Israel.
  • Reduction of the waiting period for pregnancy and birth to two months only (refers to spouses who are not students).
  • One time discount of 100$ per insured.
  • Full coverage of infants born within the insurance time period, subjugated to the policy terms.
  • Cancellation of the waiting period for pregnancy and birth for students.
  • Full dental coverage (in Israel only)
  • Dental coverage in the US with concern to surgical tooth uprooting and to emergency treatments, subjugated to the policy terms.
  • David Shield will produce a digital card for each insured, with which all payments will be processed. There will be no need to pay and wait for reimbursement.

Please provide our agent number, upon every contact with David Shield: 5658.
For more details, contact our agent:

Mr. Gil Milchan
2 Pinsker st., Tel Aviv
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: +972 (3) 620-8222 ask for Gil or Lior

Globus – International Packing, Shipping & Moving Ltd.

Discounts offered to all destinations for IIMBA members only (membership is verified).
Please contact:

Mr. Adin Eichenbaum
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 064-845239

For further information about Globus’s services please refer to: www.globus-intr.co.il

WorldTalk Communications

This company offers international phone services using Bezeq lines.
Rates are as follows:

US to Israel – Telephone – 4.9 cents, Cell phone – 11.9 cents.
US Nation Wide – 3.9 cents.

As an IIMBA member, you receive 2 hours conversation to Israel (telephone) when charging your card with 50$.
Please contact:

Mr. Yizick Chein
Email: [email protected]
Toll free from the US: 1-877-951-2022

For further information about WorldTalk’s services please refer to: www.worldtalkusa.com