Studying towards an MBA degree in an international university is a once in a lifetime experience!
This experience will allow you to leverage your career, become involved in an international business community, create wide networks of new interpersonal connections with business leaders from all over the world and have the greatest time of your life.
Over the past few years, more and more Israelis have chosen to attend MBA programs in leading business schools worldwide, and eventually to fulfill high managerial roles in large corporations in a wide variety of disciplines.
This rising trend has led to the establishment of The Israeli International MBA Association (IIMBA) in 2003.

IIMBA is an organization established by students and alumni of leading international MBA programs for the purpose of encouraging Israelis to apply to these programs, nurturing the connection between Israeli students and alumni of the various schools and promoting the quality of business management in Israel.

IIMBA is a non-profit organization, which is built on its members’ initiatives, ideas, contributions and voluntary efforts.
If you are an Israeli admitted student, current student or alumni of an international MBA program please join us.