“Congratulations!” was the first word to pop out when you checked your application status and discovered that you have been offered admission into an MBA program you applied to.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” you cried out loud, and immediately ran to the nearest telephone to notify your loved ones. The hard work is found to be worthwhile.
IIMBA congratulates you on your admission. You now stand in the beginning of a new challenging and thrilling path, which will be a rewarding experience both to your career and to your personality.

“An MBA is a challenging social academic voyage that involves many exciting experiences and hopefully ends with a full time job offer at hand. I believe that what makes the MBA experience unique are the people you interact and network with. Some would remain friends for life.”
Mody Gorsky – Johnson Graduate school of Management, Cornell University
MBA Class of 2004

“I am a true believer in living life to the fullest. The MBA for me has proven to be one of the best experiences of my life. It was never about ROI (Return on Investment), a driver to make a lot of money, nor a way to jump a couple of steps in the corporate ladder. For me it is about an exciting an energizing environment that allows you to make friends with incredibly talented individuals from all over the world. It is about exploring a world of interests and opportunities. It is about learning from others and making myself a better person.”
Limor Sinay – MIT Sloan School of Management
MBA Class of 2004

“I came to business school straight from the army and to these days I still remember my superior officers asking me why the hell I am leaving the army. Within a few weeks I was already schmoozing with potential employers that I could only read about in the Israeli business press and going out for drinks with people who I never imagined I would meet. Today, I could answer that question by telling them that I would never have gotten my dream job and would never have met my new best friends from Argentina, Canada, Austria and the US had I not attended business school. It was a very challenging journey, but one that I would never miss.”
Danny Teleman – Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
MBA Class of 2003

You are one of us now!
Your membership in IIMBA enables you to network with Israeli students and alumni from leading business schools worldwide. Furthermore, IIMBA will stand at your disposal to provide you with information, assistance in obtaining a job for your summer internship and many other services.
Do not forget to contact your school moderator and inform him/her about your enrollment.

What Now?
There are many issues to handle now:

  • Enrollment.
  • Financial aid.
  • Housing.
  • Moving abroad.
  • Arrangements to be made in Israel prior to your departure – Bituach Leumi, Kupat Holim etc.

And last but certainly not less important…

  • Goodbye parties.

This section will try to assist you in handling this long list. We hope to provide you with valuable guidelines as it was written by many Israeli graduates and current students who shared their experiences.

Good Luck!